We wanted to make music we could dance to.


And, that’s exactly what sisters Cat and Ang Duscio, who together make up the pop group HighDiamond, did. Ever since their elementary school days, competitive dancing and singing has played a major role in their life. It’s only natural that their childhood passion would evolve into a blossoming career in music.


In 2012, armed with dozens of real-world experiences dancing in music videos, movies and TV shows (ranging from Degrassi to Monster High and Disney’s Frenemies), the Cambridge, Ontario natives hit the studio for their first intense song writing and recording session. This was the beginning of their evolution into HighDiamond, a name inspired by the top accolades received in competitive dance.


Since then, they’ve made impressive moves. Their first two singles, “Broken” (2014) and “Fabulous” (2015), have earned more than 100,000 views on YouTube combined, radio spins in Canada and Europe, and tour dates in major cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.


Their fun-loving, high-energy spirit has even landed them a role as reoccurring characters in a cartoon series Spike Team, which is expected to distribute in 52 countries worldwide, and centred on the concept of girl power.


Now, the Duscio sisters are gearing up to release their third single, “Friday Night”, produced by creative visionary PMck, with an accompanying video shot by Toronto’s Dukey Dukez.


After a two-year hiatus, it was important for the ladies to re-introduce themselves to the world in an authentic way and turn the focus onto who they are as individuals. The song, which they initially wrote in their car, showcases that while Cat and Ang are sisters with a lot in common, they have many distinct differences. For one, Cat won’t leave her house without hair and make-up on point, while Ang is a free spirt – “I do what I want,” she says, “No one can really tell me what to do.”


“Friday Night” is setting the stage for the release of their debut EP, which will feature collaborations with talents such as Fito Blanko and Yoko Gold.


Making music that touches everyone from their mom and her friends to the girls they teach dance to, HighDiamond’s music has multi-generational appeal. It can be played in the club, and blasted from the car with the windows rolled down on a sunny summer day. For them, the ultimate goal is to continue to spread these good vibes touring and performing non-stop.


“What we want to do for our listeners,” says Cat, “is any crap that’s going on in their life, we just want to make them forget about it.”